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My pride, my family

My Achievements

Liz Kelly and her grandchildren.

A wise man Harold B Lee said, "The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes".

My pride is my family they give me my greatest joy and like many of us, my greatest challenges.

As a Porirua City Councillor for the past six years I have held the positions of:

  • Deputy Chair for Strategy and Finance
  • Chairman for Creative Communities
  • Chair Porirua Employment Hub

My current responsibilities are:

Liz Kelly and her grandchildren.
  • Chair of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Landfill (a joint committee with Wellington City Council)
  • Chair of the District Plan Change Review
  • Treaty Partnership Member
  • Ministerial Appointment to Whitireia Park Board
  • Certified Resource Commissioner (Chair Endorsement)

I have led initiatives to pursue the efficient use and value of our rates dollar by addressing outstanding core services including storm water, sewerage, roads and footpaths. I have worked diligently to implement the review of our District Plan to ensure a balance that protects our heritage, harbour and ridgelines and to provide clear guidelines for growth and investment.